Thursday, 16 April 2020

2020 #GoldenGranite Awards Winner List

#BetweenTheSheets: Announcing #GoldenGranite Winners
Who took home top honuors over the 2019/20 season?

As was done last year shall be continued this year. With there being a comprehensive list of Golden Granite Awards again this year, the committee decided we needed to have a separate blog post just to announce all the winners.

ICYMI, the Golden Granite Awards officially kicked off on April 15 with the pre-show hype, opening monologue and presenting the first award of the season.

Here are the highlights:

🙏 In Memorandum
💝 Renaming the Social Team of the Year award
🏆 Presenting the NEW Grant Hopley Award
🎇 Congratulations to Team Tipple

If you want to relive the entire opener (or you missed it for whatever reason), check it out HERE.

We are out of the hack, time to sweet into the house. Bring on the awards....

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

2020 #GoldenGranite Opening

#BetweenTheSheets: And The Award Goes To.....
Handing out the season-ending #GoldenGranite Awards

Happy 5th Birthday Golden Granite. You do not look a day over 2.

What a season to celebrate a milestone achievement for the blog. A season of high's and low's and ultimately a shut down thanks to #COVID19.

But we will not let a pandemic ruin a party. The positive of being an online resource is pandemics, epidemics and natural disasters do not shut down the blog. So we can take some solace in that, right?

Who knew when the blog started the Golden Granite awards back in 2016 it would continue to be the perfect closing ceremony rock for the season. And the award "show" has grown over the past few seasons.

There have been co-hosts. New awards. Debate among who should have won. It almost feels like a regular award show now.

ICYMI, take a look back at the history of the Golden Granite Awards from the inaugural show in 2016 to the further development in 2017, 2018 and last year.

Thank you to those who continue to stick with the "little blog that could". This blog remains one-man operational with no sponsorship or revenue generation. It continues to be hosted by a fan for the fans. And your support is the fuel in the tank keeping #TwineTime moving along.

In this ever-changing environment, I hope all of you are doing well. Staying healthy. Staying safe. Staying positive. As a mental health advocate we must recognize the importance of checking in with one another as well as checking in with ourselves.

Ask the simple question "How are you doing?" to others but also "How am I doing?" to yourself. And be honest with your response. We are in this together and together we can get through this.

Positive thoughts and good rocks sent from the #TwineTime house to your house.

But enough of the pre-show hype. Lets get on with the show.

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

FINAL #PowerRankings

#BetweenTheSheets: Final Power Rankings Top 50
Time to officially close the house on the 2019/20 season

Everyone is still in mourning over the lost few months of the 2019/20 curling season. It is sad. It is unfortunate. But it was also required.

COVID-19 has taken down all sports, curling is just added to the list. And while it is disappointing to see the season end early, especially without a few major world championship events, it is what it is.

It is not like the sport itself has died. And it is not like we do not know what it is like to live without curling.

I still see quite a few posts on social media remarking how upsetting and lost they are without curling right now. Yes it is sad but really? What do you do every May through August?

Yes losing major international competitions is a tough blow to athletes and fans and governing bodies but it is not the end of the world. Well at least not the end of the curling world. We still must remember there is a much larger issue at play here. I would give up every world championship in every sport for one season if it meant the end of this pandemic.

Weeks have now passed since the shut down of curling, from events to clubs. But we need to move on folks. The weather is getting nicer. Curling season would be on its final rock at this point anyway. The time to mourn is over.

How about we look back on the season we did have and celebrate?

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

#Brier2020 Parting Rocks + #PowerRankings

#BetweenTheSheets: Brier Parting Rocks
Musing from Kingston and updated Power Rankings

Photo Courtesy Curling Canada

Yowie Wowie!

Catch your breath after those intense 9 days of curling action. The *Canadian* men of curling put on a show this past week. Can we do a calendar where the guys can show off those shots and keep their clothes on?

Seriously though. Imagine a calendar of just the shots and reactions from 2020 Brier? The Dunny fist pumps. The Gunner jump and smile. The Koe....stoic look. There were enough fantastic shots and moments to easily complete a calendar.

Ok maybe some of the guys can drop the pants too I guess. Sex sells right?

But mind out of the gutter....which is tough if you own a 2020 #MenOfCurling calendar and flipped over to see #MrMarch. Again...Yowie Wowie!

Focus TwineTime...focus. We have A LOT to talk about in this blog post.

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

#Brier2020 Midterm Grades

#BetweenTheSheets: Report Card Time
Handing out the midterm grades for Brier 2020

What a Brier thus far!!

There has been something for everyone. From awe-inspiring shots to strange but true close finishes to extra end heroics to #TeamUpset results. The 2020 Tim Hortons Brier really has come through. Props to the 16 teams competing. We wanted a show and you are giving us life.

The talk heading into Kingston was the strength of the field. Could this be one of the strongest and most experienced fields we have ever seen? It surely ranks up there.

But there is also the lingering question of whether expectations were set too high with this caliber of field. Were expectations setting fans up for disappointment? Could the 16 teams live up to the hype?

So far I think rock heads would agree you can remove those doubts now. We have been witness to a show...and we are only coming to the conclusion of the opening act.

While the action, drama and excitement have been there, when we dive deep into the field how are the teams REALLY doing? Welcome back the midterm grades and the Brier report card.

Which teams are making the grade and which are in danger of being sent home early with a failure to proceed?