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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

2018 #GoldenGranite Awards

#BetweenTheSheets: The 2018 Golden Granite Awards
The annual curling wrap-up awards show takes centre ice

Every four years we hit the apex of a curling cycle when the Winter Olympics rock the sports world and fans around the world become more patriotic and excited to cheer on their athletes pursuit for gold.

The 2017/18 curling season marked that exact apex in the sport with the PyeongChang games hitting the ice this past February. But while the Olympics really took most of the attention on the season there were plenty of storylines, on and off the ice, making this past season one for the history books.

The #TwineTime blog has now created a tradition with hosting a wrap-up awards blog post discussing the high's and low's of the season while handing out a few specific awards based on season results.

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Golden Granite Awards!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

#WorldCup Preview

#BetweenThePitch: A Non-European Team Winner in Europe?
60 years have passed, are the history books ready for an update in Russia?

It. Is. Here. One of the most anticipated and most talked about sporting events in the world is ready to take centre stage this week when the FIFA World Cup finally hits the pitch in Russia. The question isn't whether the world is ready, we are. But is Russia ready? Lets hope so!

It is quite amazing how fast the four years have passed since Germany lifted the World Cup Trophy in sunny Brazil, amidst a slightly disappointed and perhaps anger Brazilian fanbase. There are many questions heading into the 2018 edition though.
  • Can Germany become the third repeat champion and first since 1962? 
  • Can Brazil put to bed the ghosts of their 7-1 SF loss four years ago? 
  • Can Spain rediscover the magic that brought them home the golden trophy in 2010? 
  • Or could we see a new champion crowned? 
  • Watch out for some of the #TeamUpset contenders!

Welcome to the #TwineTime FIFA World Cup 2018 Preview!

Sunday, 27 May 2018

#RG18 Preview

#BetweenTheBaselines: Predictably Unpredictable??
What should we expect on the red clay in Paris for French Open 2018?

Could there be a more contrasting grand slam event between the men's and women's tour than the second slam of the season at Roland Garros?

On one side we have the almost predictable result before the first ball is served with a strong overwhelming #KingOfClay looking to retain his seat on the thrown with, what appears to be, little to no true resistance from his challengers.

On the flip side we have the unpredictability of an grand slam event producing some of the biggest upsets in tennis and a few "one hit wonder" slam winners.

Is the French Open unpredictably predictable or predictably unpredictable?

Monday, 21 May 2018

Bruce Mouat

#BetweenTheSheets with Bruce Mouat
Discussing "The Shot" in Vegas, rookie results, #growthesport, pursuing education and how exactly do you pronounce 'Mouat'?

The 2017/18 curling season has been put to bed and is now locked into the history books.  There were numerous high's and a few surprises along the way.  One of the most discussed teams on tour this past season was the results of a young Scottish team who took the tour by storm.

With the focus of the season being mainly tied to the 2018 Winter Olympics, teams who did not qualify for PyeongChang had an opportunity to leave their mark on the season through tour and grand slam results.  No team seized the opportunity more than Team Mouat.

The #RoyalWedding may be the top news coming out of Great Britain over this May long weekend but a Scottish Prince could be the story of the 2017/18 curling season!

Welcome the newest member of the #TwineTime blog fam: Bruce Mouat.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Team Hasselborg

#BetweenTheSheets With Team Hasselborg
We discuss "A Goal to A Gold", #growthesport, family, 
funding pressures, #SwedishVikings origins and Game of Thrones?!

So the 2017/18 curling season is over and all the rock heads and stoners are left with moments of reflection on the season that was while thinking about how to pass the time until the first rock slides down the house for the 2018/19 season.

Do not fade away into curling withdraw quite yet curling fans.  The #TwineTime blog has a few more spins of the rock for you to keep your curling mouth salivating.

This is a VERY special moment for the #TwineTime blog as we welcome Olympic champions into the fam.

Are you ready to meet the ladies behind the gold?  The #SwedishVikings themselves?

Welcome to the #TwineTime blog: Team Hasselborg!