Thursday, 30 August 2018

#YouCanPlay S1819W2

#BetweenTheSheets: If You Can Play, You Can Play
Is it time for curling to find its social conscious?

Normally this blog is reserved to discuss the action on the curling ice. What are the big topics affecting the game? We had #BroomGate. We had #FreeAgentFrenzy. We continue to have my favourite topic of #RankingsRedux. But sometimes we need to shift focus to not just the issues or topics on the game itself but rather the big picture impact the sport can have on those who play and love the sport: The People!

With #YYCPride underway this week, including the upcoming Pride Parade over the long weekend, I thought this would be the perfect time to make the connection between sport and social consciousness. Now for some reading this blog post this may be considered a controversial topic of discussion based on your own personal moral and/or ethical beliefs. I am not here to discuss those or force an opinion down your curling loving throat. Rather I ask you just read on with an open mind and hear me out.

Remember, big picture, we are all fans of this sport and are united through our curling passion. Plus, the #TourLifePredictions for this upcoming weekend are included in this blog post so, worse case scenario, you could skip down and read those at least right? But I really think you should read the entire post.

We good rock heads and stoners?

Monday, 27 August 2018

#PowerRankings W1

#BetweenTheSheets: The NEW Power Rankings
The #TwineTime system comes into play for the new rankings

Well then, welcome to the 2018/19 curling season rock heads and stoners. How about them rocks for opening weekend? We saw a few #TeamUpset results. We saw newly formed teams find success and struggles all in the same weekend, sometimes within the same day. And at the end of it all, we crowned a trio of champions to kick off the season.

So now the question is, how do these results affect the rankings? Well it is the perfect time to really put the #TwineTime proposed ranking and tour structure under the microscope and use real-time results to help formulate the new #PowerRankings.

Ready to see how it all plays out?

Friday, 24 August 2018

#Curling S1819W1

#BetweenTheSheets: Opening Weekend!
The official start to the curling season hits the ice this weekend

Welcome back to the ice the curling athletes from around the world for our sports entertainment....oh and their passion and livelihood I suppose.

The 2018/19 curling season will see its official first draw, runback, steal and hogline violation this weekend in Winnipeg and Baden, Switzerland. Ok technically the season started last weekend in Japan but, in full respect to the teams and athletes competing last weekend, that event felt like the pre-season tune-up event to the full season.

It has been a busy off-season for curling athletes and fans alike. I hope everyone enjoyed the summer months because our focus is now shifting back to the cold and frigid temperatures of arena ice and snow. Don't you love it?

Tuesday, 21 August 2018


#BetweenTheSheets: What The Rock?
Get ready for an unpredictable 2018/19 curling season

Are you ready? The 2018/19 curling season is about ready to hit the house with fans and athletes feeling a mixture of emotions from being excited to nervous. What should we expect in the upcoming season? We just wrapped up a tense and dramatic four year preparing for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. This is the reset year. No qualification points. New teams. New strategies. New relationships. New drama?

Some teams stayed the course from the past few seasons and time will tell if they keep the train on the track for the full four years or not. Many switched tracks and aligned with new friends or old foes to try and jump on the winning train moving forward. We really have no idea which teams will excel and which will falter....and neither do they.

But I can guarantee one thing for the new season. At least once, but probably more than once, you as a fan and you as a player will be looking out at the ice, seeing the results and reading the headlines and will ask yourself, "What The Rock?"

Wednesday, 15 August 2018


#BetweenTheSheets: Rankings Redux
Revisiting the rankings discussion with a tour overhaul?

TwineTime is back in da house....the curling house that is. After enjoying a lengthy break from the sport during the summer months it is time to dust off the old rocks and return to the hack in preparation for another curling season.

Before we slide into the season though, lets revisit a favourite topic of the TwineTime blog: Rankings! If you have been a loyal follower of this blog over the years you have read numerous posts and comments on the current system. During the off-season the World Curling Tour revealed their Order of Merit (OOM) rankings review highlighting some key changes moving forward. ICYMI HERE is the official summary.

The WCT statement reveals four key changes to the OOM but are these changes enough to fix the issue? Perhaps we need to take this a step further and not only rethink the ranking system but maybe a complete tour structure overhaul?