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#Curling S1819 W7

#BetweenTheSheets: Time To Give Thanks
Thankful for a full house of events this holiday weekend

It is #TurkeyCurling weekend folks. Ok not literally...well at least not for most of us anyways. I am sure there are a few out there who will participate in a turkey spiel charity event or fun event hoping to win Monday night supper.

But no, this is the weekend where we as curling family come together and give thanks for the sport we all love. We say our thanks for the draws, guards, runbacks and doubles we made during the year while hoping the Turkey Gods have a gobblefest with the Curling Gods to take care of us on the ice for another season.

Let us give thanks rock heads and stoners...before we overindulge in turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pie. Mmmmm mashed potatoes........

We are thankful this year to have a full house of curling events for us fans to also overindulge in. If you checked out the schedule a total of 10 events are on the slate, 5 men and 5 women. It truly is a Turkey Curling weekend for us all.

But before we get excited about what is to come let us celebrate what has been. Each of us has many things to be thankful for in our lives. Perhaps we have a great career. A great family. Great friends. Success in sport. Health. Love. The ability to travel. Whatever it is you hold near and dear to your heart, make sure you take the time this weekend to give thanks for having something(s) to keep you happy.

The #TwineTime blog is no different. There are quite a few reasons to give thanks this year. If you will bare with me, let me #GiveThanks:

  • Thank you to those curling athletes who take the time to read and support this very blog. Unlike traditional media, this blog is not about putting out articles for click bait or to sell advertising or to make money. This blog is made from pure passion and love for the sport and I am thankful for those athletes who take the few moments to like or RT or share a blog post. The quick few minutes it takes to slide into a DM just to say they enjoyed a blog post or show appreciation for the shout out or mention in the blog. Or to those who I have talked to at events, hearing an athlete say they are familiar with this blog or they read posts when they can, is truly surprising for me and humbling at the same time. This blog tries to not only cover the elite teams but shine light on teams competing across the globe who may not get equal media attention compared to the top teams. There are MANY, MANY, MANY excellent athletes in this sport and a mission of this blog is to try and cover the complete sheet of ice for everyone. Thank you to those athletes who recognize the attempt and share their thoughts. As you share your appreciation and thanks with me, please know I do the same with you!
  • Thank you to Curling Canada for continuing to support the blog. While we may not always see eye to eye on a topic within the sport, you continue to support non-traditional media by opening up a space on the media bench at big events (and not only for this blog but for other blogs and podcasts out there). You don't have to do this and we recognize that. But you do it because, at the end of the day, we are all in this sport together with a common goal to #growthesport. Thank you for creating an environment where the #TwineTime blog truly can feel part of the curling family in Canada.
  • Thank you to the World Curling Federation for showing their support towards the blog. It always surprises me when I reach out on the limb and submit an application for media accreditation only to find out later it was accepted by the WCF. Cam MacAllister and his team do a great job in making a blogger feel welcome at events and part of the curling media family. Again, acceptance and accreditation are not taken for granted nor just handed out. It is with great pride and responsibility to receive media accreditation and I am thankful each year to try and attend a WCF event to provide additional coverage to the curling masses but also to give thanks for MacAllister and team for allowing it to happen. I look forward to crossing paths again in the near future.
  • Thank you to the #TwineTimeFam members. When this blog originally started I never dreamed curling athletes I watched and cheered for and admired would ever want to sit down and talk to me about the sport we all love. From the very first fam member, Jamie Koe, to the most recent, Bruce Mouat, it still is humbling, surprising and on occasion overwhelming. To have members of the fam reach out, even in the off-season, to talk or say "what's up" still sends the fan boy inside of me jumping for joy. As we enter this season, the family sits at 24 members!! WOW!! Perhaps the strongest feeling of true blog family was this summer when, in the off-season, many fam members provided memorabilia items for a charity auction I hosted raising funds for Kids Up Front Calgary. This was done outside the sport itself. It spoke volumes to the personal level of each athlete (including those who may not be official fam members YET but who also provided items in support). Hopefully we can continue to grow the number and build the bridge connecting athlete and fan. Thank you to those who have joined the fam and continue to support the blog. Words really do not do justice the feelings of appreciation and gratitude I have towards you all. And I hope we need to go buy more chairs soon as we add more faces to the family table over the season.
  • Finally, and perhaps most important, I am thankful for all of YOU! The rock heads and stoners who tune in week after week to read and support the blog. Can you believe we are already chasing down the 150K page views milestone? It is unbelievable. All of you continue to inspire me to continue this blog, even when at times my own personal demons in my head tell me to stop or that nobody cares or wants to see this blog continue or be successful. When I receive a comment or DM or like or RT of a blog post, it is always met with a smile and appreciation. I recognize there are MANY media outlets to read and follow for your sports coverage, curling included. I also recognize the time it takes to read a blog post. I can never truly show nor say my appreciation enough. Thank you for helping to build this blog to what it is now and thank you in advance as we continue building towards whatever it becomes in the future.

The #TwineTime blog has been a journey of not only passion for sport but personal growth. Whether athlete or fan. We agree or disagree. Making friends or, in a few instances, creating foes. The #TwineTime blog continues to slide forward with a different voice and perspective on the sport of curling. In the early days it was a mix of trying to create interest and buzz while fending off those haters who disagreed or thought it was just a "fluff" piece of writing nobody would be interested in (and yes an athlete did tell me that). To all those mentioned above and to each of you, thank you! We can celebrate as one. We can compromise with a disagreement. Regardless, we continue to conversation and truly become partners in the continued evolution of curling around the world. For this, and for all of you, I am truly THANKFUL!

Back to the ice we go, yes? Last weekend saw big events on tour and the #TwineTime blog attempt to withstand or best the B grade from the previous week. How did we do?

  • At the #Elite10, the predictions went 5/6 on both the men's and women's qualifiers while correctly predicting Team Gushue winning the men's title and Team Tirinzoni playing in the championship final (although I did predict them winning). 
  • In Vernon, 7/8 on the women's qualifiers but missing both finalists. For the men, 5/6 on qualifiers AND correct on both finalists plus Team Dunstone taking home the title. 
  • In Edmonton, 5/8 on the women's and men's qualifiers but again missed both finalists and champions.
  • In Winnipeg, 2/4 on the women's qualifiers BUT a championship W for #TeamJCR. The men was a similar 2/4 on qualifiers but missing both finalists and champion.
  • In Tallinn, 5/7 for the women's event AND a championship W for Switzerland's Team Hegner. For the men, similar 5/7 on qualifiers but missed both finalists. Worth noting though eventual champions Team Shalamistski was the #TeamUpset pick.
  • In Lower Sackville, 3/4 on the qualifiers AND a championship W for Team Stuart Thompson.

Overall a pretty solid weekend for the #TourLifePredictions. For 11 event previews and predictions, the #TwineTime blog correctly called the eventual champion 5 times. Be honest, how many of you would have done the same or better? Overall Grade: A

Bring on this long weekend now. Oh do we have a lot to be thankful for as curling fans this weekend. Lets also hope a few athletes give thanks for navigating those tight ports, drawing to those hard to reach buttons or creating those multiple scores with in-off hits and runbacks. Start the prayers now...come Thanksgiving Monday only a handful of you will be "gobbling" up the riches from those prayers.

We have two men's and women's #Tour1000 events on the schedule this weekend and three men's and women's #Tour250 events to review, which also means there are a TON of ranking points on the ice.

Note: As of press time, the full list of teams and schedule was unavailable for the men's event in Winnipeg and the dual event in Halifax. My apologies to those competing in each event as no preview will be made below. However, the results will be known and ranking points still allocated for the next #PowerRankings blog post.

Here are our #TourLifePredictions:


Stu Sells Toronto Tankard (Tour 1000)

Toronto, ON

2017 Champion: Team Brad Gushue

Format: 26 team triple knockout with 8 qualifiers.

Top Teams Entered (Top 15): Team Bottcher, Team Carruthers, Team Epping, Team Howard, Team Shuster

Favourite: Obviously all eyes will be on the teams who competed at the Elite 10 last weekend. Team Carruthers, or #TeamBFF, reached the final as the continue to put the new team dynamic to the test with the collective voice technique on shot calls. Team Epping is having one of the best opening months to a season we have seen on tour, winning the first #Tour1000 event a few weeks back remember. And what about the resurgence of Team Howard? All of these teams will be considered favourites heading into the weekend looking to carry the momentum off a #gsoc into another big event on tour.

#TeamUpset: Is it weird to nab a team as a favourite last weekend, see them win a tour event and then tab them as the #TeamUpset flag bearer the following weekend? Well it is happening here folks. Nova Scotia's Stuart Thompson led his boys to a championship win last weekend; however, the win was against a field of provincial rivals. This is quite a different story when you are faced with 5 teams currently ranked in the Top 15 in the world, not to mention a field chalk full of strong Brier hopefuls. This is the perfect opportunity though as well for Thompson to plant his gripper in the ice and put teams on notice they are a threat not only for the NS Tankard but a team looking to make a move up the rankings and towards their first Brier this season. And speaking on the Brier, how about last season's fan favourites #TeamEnergy from NL? Greg Smith and the boys will be making their season debut this weekend. Can they build off the energy and confidence of last season? They enter this season in unknown territory as defending NL champs knowing main provincial rival Gushue will not be competing again in NL this season (since Gushue already earned his Brier spot as Team Canada once again of course). #TeamEnergy may feel #TeamPressure this season.

W2W4: This blog has discussed the growth of the #PACC region over the past season. Even last month a discussion was made on the unfortunate decision to not have a PACC rep at the 2019 Continental Cup when the region is experiencing tremendous growth in the sport and the seeing an increased level of competition over the past 4 year Olympic cycle, especially on the women's side of the game. Well here is a chance for the #PACCMen to show they are ready to take on the world's best and help define the region. This field will see 5 Chinese men's teams and 2 Japanese men's teams compete. In a 26-team field, 7 will be representing the #PACC equivalent to 27%. The pressure will be on. Chinese teams Ma, Zang and Zou could surprise a few of the more well-known teams this weekend and maybe give the crowds a few surprise results. But if the 7 teams all fail to qualify or even make deep runs to A or B or C-side finals, could this support the argument the region still has a lot of growth to go before being in the international conversation, at least for the men?

Qualifiers: Team Epping, Team Howard, Team Bottcher, Team Carruthers, Team Shuster, Team Horgan, Team Muyres, Team Thompson

Championship: Team Epping def. Team Bottcher

Swiss Cup Basel (Tour 1000)

Basel, SUI

2017 Champion: Team Brad Gushue

Format: 32 team triple knockout with 8 qualifiers.

Top Teams Entered (Top 15): Team De Cruz, Team Edin, Team Mouat, Team Schwaller, Team Ulsrud, Team Walstad

Favourite: Is Norway the new power nation in Europe? This weekend in Basel could answer the question. Both Team Ulsrud and Team Walstad will be taking the ice and will carry a bit of the favourite role. We have only seen Ulsrud once this season which just happened to be a tour W...and it just happened to take place in Switzerland. Ulsrud will look for the perfect 2 and 0 start to the season and keep the 1.000 winning percentage in Switzerland. But rival Walstad could have other ideas. We last saw Walstad reach the final at the opening leg of the Curling World Cup, losing the final to Canada'a Team Koe. This could be the resurgence from Walstad after a disappointing end to last season. Both Norwegian teams are strong contenders for the title. And maybe keep your eyes on the future of Norway curling when young Magnus Ramsfjell competes this weekend. He has been a face on the international junior scene for a few years now. Could he be ready for a breakthrough on the men's tour here?

#TeamUpset: Well I can no longer list Team Schwaller under the #TeamUpset flag given they are ranked in the Top 5 of the #PowerRankings right? So who do we fix our attention to now? How about the nation of Italy? Joel Retornaz has been the face of Italian curling for many years. The past few seasons we have seen him and the Italian Giant Amos Mosaner work on building Italian curling back into contention both in Europe and the World Championships. This season the two have decided to go their own ways and skip their own teams. Both Retornaz and Mosaner will be skipping their new teams this weekend in Basel and both could be #TeamUpset flag bearers in the field. Imagine seeing two Italian teams qualify for a #wct playoff bracket? Don't underestimate these two skips. They have the Euro and international experience to go far. Even if they do stumble, how cool is it to see two quality Italian teams on tour? This is what we need for the #growthesport movement in Italy.

W2W4: This is a very strong field, hence the #Tour1000 classification and high purse up for grabs. But some of the favourites at the top of the rankings have looked a little suspect this season. The world champion #SwedishVikings have looked nothing like themselves thus far, coming to Basel off a winless showing at the Elite 10. De Cruz started strong on the season but then started to struggle and seemed to be missing a beat at the Curling World Cup. The jury is still out on Team Mouat, who had a breakthrough last season and are looking to continue building the momentum in their sophomore season. It could be a few surprise teams in a stacked world championship-calibre field who may just steal the ice this weekend. Teams like Schwaller and Hess give the home nation fans something to cheer for. And Scotland's Paterson will look to continue his strong start to the season. Parity is starting to hit the ice this season and this is the event to see whether the top teams are still at the top or is the gap beginning to close on the European Elite?

Qualifiers: Team Ulsrud, Team Walstad, Team Mouat, Team De Cruz, Team Schwaller, Team Edin, Team Paterson, Team Hess

Championship: Team Mouat def. Team Edin

St. Paul Let's Cure Lupus Cash Spiel (Tour 250)

St. Paul, MN

2017 Champion: Team Heath McCormick

Format: 20 team RR with 4 pools of 5 teams. Top 8 qualify.

Top Teams Entered (Top 15): N/A

Favourite: Kinda tough to go against the current US champs, Team Ruohonen, here isn't it? And not just on the resume of last year alone. These guys have come out sweeping this season and look to be fully prepared to fight for their spot among the curling elite this season and not make USA curling be the "Shuster Show". Ruohonen looked good at the opening leg of the Curling World Cup, knocking off current world champion Niklas Edin along the way. In a field where 95% of the competition is from the Red, White and Blue, this is a great opportunity for Ruohonen to show their dominance as the top team in USA curling. They will have a bulls-eye on their backs of course. Who doesn't want to knock off the defending national champs? But if they can ignore the pressure, which they seem to have done thus far, and pick up a tour W here it would make a strong statement to their competition.

#TeamUpset: Teams like Ruohonen and Korea's Kim are going to draw attention in the field given their strong results last season. But do not overlook a few familiar names competing this weekend either who are more than capable of a deep run here. Todd Birr, Craig Brown and Kroy Nernberger are no strangers to success on tour or within the USA championship scene. They have been there and done that and are looking to get back. One can never underestimate experience. On the flip side, never count out youthful energy and confidence either. Team Stopera has two tour events under their belts already this season and could be a dark horse contender in this field.

W2W4: Alright #TeamYoungBucks, you had a pretty solid season-opening event going 5-2 and reaching the final of the Mother Club in Winnipeg a few weeks ago. Now time to prove your name as the real deal and not just inflated ego. When you come out on the ice with a team name like Team Young Bucks you are asking for the attention and you need to have the game to back it up. The #TwineTime blog is buying into the hype bros mentality here and still standing by this team as perhaps being the dark horse USA team of the season. But this would be the perfect event for them to really stake their claim on the ice and put their national competition on notice they can back up a confident self-identified team hashtag. The draw is favourable and they have the skill and talent to go far here. A run to the SF or better is expected now.

Qualifiers: Team Ruohonen, Team Kim, Team Stopera, Team Birr, Team Fenner, Team Brown, Team Nernberger, Team Smith

Championship: Team Fenner def. Team Kim


Stockholm Ladies Curling Cup (Tour 1000)

Stockholm, SWE

2017 Champion: Team Alina Paetz

Format: 20 team RR with 4 pools of 5 teams. Top 8 qualify.

Top Teams Entered (Top 15): Team Hasselborg, Team Muirhead, Team Tirinzoni

Favourite: Well pretty hard to go against Team Hasselborg here right? The #SwedishVikings return home with their first #gsoc title in tow and will surely have the home nation fans rally behind them this weekend. Hasselborg has won this tournament before remember, capturing the title in 2016. Olympic champs. Grand slam champs. Arguably one of, if not the, top team in the world. Yup, no question the favourite on home ice as well.

#TeamUpset: We have quite a few young teams to keep an eye on in this field. Obviously Sweden's Team Wrana is going to be a team many expect to make a deep run here, perhaps giving Sweden a shot at an all-Swede championship final, so they no longer really cut it under the #TeamUpset header. Switzerland's Team Hegner won the tour event in Tallinn, Estonia last weekend so they come to Stockholm with a ton of momentum and confidence and could surprise a few of these bigger name teams in the draw. But also pay attention to two other young Swiss teams, Team Stern and Team Witschonke. Both had success on the international junior scene and both are looking to make names for themselves on the women's tour. Stern has broke out more so in the past year or so but is still looking for those consistent results against the top teams. Witschonke is trying to cement her spot as the future of Swiss women's curling. Both could surprise here.

W2W4: There are numerous story lines to focus on. The return of Eve Muirhead may be one of the biggest though. Having missed the opening month of the season recovering from off-season surgery, Muirhead is ready to get back on the ice with hew slightly new looking team. Now we aren't sure just how many games Muirhead will play, it will depend how she is feeling, but having her back on the ice competing is going to be exciting. As well, keep those keen eyes focused on Pool D here. We will see former Swiss teammates and world champions Binia Feltscher and Irene Schori go head to head for the first time since their break-up at the end of last season. Both will skip their own teams here, with this being the season debut for Team Schori. They battle Friday evening. But Pool D will also see Russia's Anna Sidorova get back on the ice after take the past few weeks off. And Finland's Oona Kauste arrives fresh off a 3rd place finish last weekend in Tallinn. In all honesty, all four pools here have some compelling match up to get excited about. This should be a fun tournament to watch play out.

Qualifiers: Team Yoshimura, Team Hasselborg, Team Tirinzoni, Team Sidorova, Team Muirhead, Team Stern, Team Wrana, Team Feltscher

Championship: Team Hasselborg def. Team Wrana

Curlers Corner Autumn Gold Curling Classic (Tour 1000)

Calgary, AB

2017 Champion: Team Rachel Homan

Format: 32 team triple knockout with 8 qualifiers.

Top Teams Entered (Top 15): Team Carey, Team Einarson, Team Fleury, Team Fujisawa, Team Homan, Team Jones, Team Robertson, Team Scheidegger, Team Sinclair, Team Walker

Favourite: Tough to bet against the defending champions. Homan has that look in her eyes again this season. The fire and determination we kind of saw last season during the trials but then escaped at times when her confidence was shaken. This season, even though they did not win the Elite 10 last weekend, they seem to be the Team Homan of old....which is very dangerous for the other teams competing against them. They won their season opener at the Curling World Cup and this will only be event #3 for them this season. They are not only trying to #DefendTheIce in Calgary but also look for their third title here in the past four seasons (2015, 2017).

#TeamUpset: This field is stacked folks. 10 of the Top 15 teams on the current world rankings are entered here. Only 8 will qualify so we are already guaranteed to see at least two of the Top 15 not qualify. So when naming a #TeamUpset contender we have to look at a team who not only can outdual two of these Top 15 but perhaps 3 or 4 of them just to fight towards a qualifier game. There are no easy pools or draws here. B.C. Corryn Brown may just be the dark horse team to surprise a few of the big name contenders. This will be their third event of the season, winning their season opener in Maple Ridge and reaching the QF last weekend in Vernon. They also own a 10-2 record on the season. We will see how they stack up right from the opening rock. They open with 2016 champion and current AB champ Team Scheidegger. Wow!

W2W4: Everything. Everyone. Every game. Every draw. Every rock. As mentioned, this event is STACKED! Upset WILL happen. Top teams will be knocked off by lower ranked teams while other top teams show their dominance. The question really will be which teams struggle and which overachieve? We know we will see both. I attended this event last season and it was quite entertaining to see how the draw unfolded and to witness a few #TeamUpset results. In an event like this the pressure really will be on those 10 top ranked teams as those sitting below them already know they enter with an upset name tag....making them even more dangerous. A team like Brown, Silvernagle, Kovaleva, Holland, Christensen, Gim.....any of them could go on a roll and find themselves in the playoffs. On the other spin of the stone, teams like Homan, Jones, Scheidegger and Einarson could quickly lock up those A and B qualifiers and avoid the #CSideGrind all together. What to watch for? Maybe #ExpectTheUnexpected?

Qualifiers: Team Jones, Team Einarson, Team Homan, Team Scheidegger, Team Robertson, Team Walker, Team Kovaleva, Team Rocque

Championship: Team Homan def. Team Scheidegger

Stu Sells Toronto Tankard (Tour 250)

Toronto, ON

2017 Champion: Team Julie Tippin

Format: 20 team RR with 4 pools of 5 teams. Top 8 qualify.

Top Teams Entered (Top 15): N/A

Favourite: Quick name a team on tour who is undefeated this season? Did the first team to come to mind be from Northern Ontario? Well it should have. Team McCarville is a perfect 7-0 on the season and have already claimed one tour title when they won the KW Fall Classic a few weeks back. They will see a relative familiar field in front of them in Toronto this weekend so why not expect them to make another deep run here? Their pool will not be easy, facing the team they beat in the KW final Team Murphy as well as #TwineTime dark horse favourite Team Inglis. But it is manageable for a team as experienced and as successful at tour events as McCarville. Could they match the season opener result and go 7-0 and claim another title? It is possible here.

#TeamUpset: Do we still classify #PolarPower as a #TeamUpset contender? Is it time to retire Team Galusha off this watch list and into a regular contender? The team from NWT opened their season with a QF appearance and the new line-up seems to be clicking for Galusha. One of the favs on tour among her competitors and fans, it would be great to see her follow-up the opening qualifier result with another trip to the playoffs here. Experienced skips in Cathy Auld and Jo-Ann Rizzo are threats but Galusha has the experience to hang with them and knock them off. Nova Scotia's Team McEvoy and China's Team Mei round out her Pool B competition and a 2-2 record could nab a playoff spot here, or at least a TB shot.

W2W4: This is a field mainly comprised of teams from Ontario but a few non-Ontario teams could be ready to ruin the home province party in Toronto. The aforementioned #PolarPower from NWT will be a threat. But also keep the eyes open for a two prairie province teams. Saskatchewan's Team Streifel and Team Howard will be looking to build on strong results from Saskatoon when they both reached the SF and could be surprise contenders here as well. Remember, Streifel did reach the QF last weekend in Vernon too. USA Team Senneker has a playoff result under her slider already this season. And China's Mei could be a fellow surprise contender in her pool with Galusha. I would not be surprised to see two or three of these teams in the playoffs over the weekend.

Qualifiers: Team McCarville, Team Harrison, Team Rizzo, Team Duncan, Team Streifel, Team Howard, Team Inglis, Team Tippin

Championship: Team Harrison def. Team McCarville

St. Paul Let's Cure Lupus Cash Spiel (Tour 250)

St. Paul, MN

2017 Champion: Team Jessica Schultz

Format: 10 team RR with 2 pools of 5 teams. Top 5 qualify.

Top Teams Entered (Top 15): N/A

Favourite: Allison Pottinger is probably the most recognizable name in the field and will attract the most attention as an early-favourite. And for deserving reason. She is a two-time Olympian (2010, 2014), a former World Champion (2003) and a US champion (2016). While national rivals Team Sinclair and Team Roth continue to receive the attention as the names to know in USA curling, Pottinger helped pebble the sheet for their success and is still a competitive threat based on the combination of skill, resume and experience.

#TeamUpset: While Pottinger will bring the experience factor to the ice, Annmarie Dubberstein  will bring a fresh face and youthful energy to the competition. Dubberstein is fresh out of junior competition, having won the US Junior title in 2017 and represented USA at the 2017 World Junior Curling Championships in PyeongChang. We know recent results have shown a great development program in place to help teams transition from juniors to womens, just ask Cory Christensen who is really coming into her own game now. Dubberstein is the next generation to follow Christensen and while similar results may be a season or two away, do not underestimate what this team is capable of in a wide-open field such as this.

W2W4: Honestly, who knows? We do not see most of these teams compete on the world curling tour throughout the season, especially outside the handful of US events on tour. We don't really know what to expect here. Resume and experience win out? Young up and coming future of the sport? Or maybe a complete dark horse emerges as the next big name out of the US. We really do not know. Which can also make for a fun event to keep the eyes on just to see how it all plays out.

Qualifiers: Team Dubberstein, Team Pottinger, Team Runing, Team Flannery, Team Johnson

Championship: Team Dubberstein def. Team Pottinger

Phew....that was a lot to cover with 10 rocks in play. The house is a mess and I feel like I just ate a whole turkey to myself because I am tired and you know, tryptophan (yes I know this is an urban myth but will it really be the last time you hear this?).

Again, give thanks this weekend not only for the curling coverage to delight our little rock head and stoner hearts but also for all we have in our lives, from <hopefully> good health to family to friends and everything in between that fills your heart with glee.

And thank you to all of you for staying on this sliding rock known as the #TwineTime blog. I am thankful for each of you loyal readers on a weekly basis.


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