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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

#PowerRankings W4

#BetweenTheSheets: Canada, Eh-Ok!
Canada sweeps the Curling World Cup podium in Suzhou

Heading into the 2018/19 season curling fans in Canada were feeling the pressure. The world had been catching up over the past few seasons culminating in perhaps overtaking the Great White North last season and knocking Canada off its curling perch.

Canadian curling fans can all admit the 2018 Winter Olympics were a bust, outside the mixed doubles result of course. Canada did take home the world women's title but lost the world men's (although a loss to Niklas Edin is hardly anything to hang your head on). The international teams caught up on the #wct as well.

Enter the new season with more question marks and concerns. And then welcome the Curling World Cup to set Canadian curling fans hearts at ease....for now!

Friday, 14 September 2018

#Curling S1819W4

#BetweenTheSheets: Preseason Over! Let's Go!!
A full slate of events highlights a BUSY curling weekend in early September

The curling season is done with warming up the sliders and curlers taking practice slides. The opening few weeks of the season saw one or two events on both the men's and women's tour to wet our curling palate and build anticipation for the season.

Welcome to Week 4 rock heads and stoners. Enough of the "preseason" and time to get the houses rocking and rocks sliding. This is really the first big week of the season with the debut of the Curling World Cup trending worldwide but also a full plate of men's and women's events to keep your curling eyes wide open and grabbing the popcorn.

What more can we say other than "Let's Go!!"

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

#CurlingWorldCup Suzhou Preview

#BetweenTheSheets: Curling World Cup Suzhou Preview
Is this a case of the "rich get richer" or true #growthesport?

The time has arrived. The year of marketing, excitement and lead-up is now over. This week we step on the ice with the newest venture into the curling world: The Curling World Cup. The first leg of the four leg tournament hits the ice in Suzhou, China with men's, women's and mixed doubles action.

For teams, and nations, competing there will be lots of media attention, ranking points and money on the line when they take their first slide across the new ice at the Suzhou Sports Center, a multi-use stadium usually reserved to host soccer matches.

But what is all the hype around this event? Will it truly help #growthesport internationally? Or is this just another opportunity for the "elite" in the sport to pad their wallets (and ranking points) with a fancy new event?

Monday, 10 September 2018

#PowerRankings W3

#BetweenTheSheets: Can Change Hinder Sport Growth?
Polishing the rocks from WCF Annual General Assembly PLUS NEW Power Rankings

If you are familiar with the #TwineTime blog you should know the #1 mantra used throughout the history of blog posts: #growthesport!

All sports go through growing pains of change. Some change can encourage growth. Some change can hinder growth. Either way, change is inevitable and the path to the future is paved with navigating change in a constructive way. Even if it fails miserably or seems like a horrible idea for the onset.

This past weekend saw the World Curling Federation Annual General Assembly take place in Budapest, Hungary. In fine tradition, some changes were needing to be discussed and adopted into play for the future betterment of curling. But one change, an "emergency motion", is being met with mixed (this will seem punny trust me) emotions.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

#Curling S1819W3

#BetweenTheSheets: Tour 500* Events Highlight Week 3 
Stu Sells Oakville and HDF Shoot-Out have increased ranking points on the ice

Week 3. Early September. Weather still acceptable. Colors barely starting to change. Evenings getting a tad cooler. Pumpkin spice latte back to being the rage. Curlers getting a little restless. Better head from the lake to the ice and get this season underway.

While we have had a few events already this season many teams are still awaiting their debut on competitive ice. And many of these teams are also waiting to debut new line-ups and end the speculation on which off-season team announcements are going to be winning shots and which will be hog line violations.

This week we have a plethora of new teams hitting the ice for the first time so all eyes will be focused on curling sheets out east and out west. We are spanning the nation this weekend folks. Get ready....