Monday, 14 August 2017

VOTE - Women's Top 5

#BetweenTheSheets: Queens of the House
Which teams do YOU think will finish at the top of the women's rankings?

The men's vote is heating up the internet as we prepare for the upcoming curling it's time for the women to burn down the house.  I promised all of you an equal opportunity to show your love towards the top women's team on the world curling tour and now is YOUR chance.

As mentioned in the men's vote blog post, very rarely do we get to see curling throw a vote stone towards the fans and allow them the chance to have their voice heard on which teams they think will rise to the top of the curling mountain this season.  And with the 2018 Winter Olympics fast approaching, there are many teams who could make a push for the coveted #1 spot....but who do YOU think has the ability, drive, skill, dedication and (maybe) a bit of luck sometimes to lead the #PowerRankings?

Lets be honest here, it's a double rarity in women's sports as a whole to see pre-season polls or even in-season polls.  Arguably one of the largest female sports leagues in the world, the WNBA, doesn't even offer up regular power rankings on traditional sports sites like ESPN or Sports Illustrated.  Heck, take a truly international sport like soccer and it's governing body FIFA.  How often do you hear about new FIFA women's rankings when released?  We often hear about the men's rankings and shifts among the Top 10 or Top 20....but do we see the same coverage for the women?  I would argue no (thanks a lot media!!).  We can make curling different....unique!  We can give equal opportunity to both men and women athletes in the sport and treat both world tours and events as equals.  You voiced your opinion for the men (and continue to do so at the link above), now do the same for the women!

We all know Rachel Homan and her team have completely dominated the curling scene for the past two years.  From almost completing the calendar grand slam two years ago to shutting down her national and international competition claiming the Canadian and World title last season, Team Homan has been on a tear and the #HomanTrain does not look like it is going to make a pit stop anytime soon.  But will they hold the #1 ranking in the all-important Olympic season?

What about those #TeamUpset flag bearers from a year ago?  Can Team Scheidegger or Team Flaxey continue their historic rise to the top of the curling world?  Can Team Hasselborg continue to push the Canadian teams and bring Sweden back to the top of the mountain?  And what about Switzerland?  #HoppSchwiiz have been the most consistent over the past few seasons, claiming world titles in 4 of the past 6 years.  Or maybe we will see yet again another team ranked outside the Top 10 or even Top 20 make an impressive run up the world rankings.  If so, who?

The curling stone is sitting in your hack my trusting Rock Heads.  Time to have YOUR say...YOUR which women's teams will dominate the Top 5 this 2017/18 curling season.  VOTE NOW!

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