Monday, 21 May 2018

Bruce Mouat

#BetweenTheSheets with Bruce Mouat
Discussing "The Shot" in Vegas, rookie results, #growthesport, pursuing education and how exactly do you pronounce 'Mouat'?

The 2017/18 curling season has been put to bed and is now locked into the history books.  There were numerous high's and a few surprises along the way.  One of the most discussed teams on tour this past season was the results of a young Scottish team who took the tour by storm.

With the focus of the season being mainly tied to the 2018 Winter Olympics, teams who did not qualify for PyeongChang had an opportunity to leave their mark on the season through tour and grand slam results.  No team seized the opportunity more than Team Mouat.

The #RoyalWedding may be the top news coming out of Great Britain over this May long weekend but a Scottish Prince could be the story of the 2017/18 curling season!

Welcome the newest member of the #TwineTime blog fam: Bruce Mouat.

Being a rookie team on tour, in any sport, is never easy.  You are just getting comfortable playing with your new teammates.  You are travelling all over the world and trying to make a name for yourselves.  Sometimes teams struggle and sometimes teams "smash it out of the park".

Bruce Mouat navigated a rookie season for the ages, picking up a bronze medal at #WMCC2018, collecting a #gsoc title (Boost National), a Scottish Championship and tacking on 4 other #wct wins to the resume.  Mouat wrapped up the season with a SF appearance at the Champions Cup, finishing the year with an overall record of 78-26.  A .750 winning percentage in your opening season on tour is quite a remarkable feat.

Having met Mouat a few years ago at the inaugural Champions Cup, where he qualified as the world junior champion, and then reconnecting last year at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships in Lethbridge, the opportunity to talk to Mouat about adding him to the #TwineTime blog family was written in the stars.  Originally we had hoped to connect for the interview in Las Vegas at the World Men's Curling Championships but when the Scottish champs continued to win and made the push for the podium we delayed the interview to the Champions Cup.

Once the boys arrived in Calgary, Mouat and I were able to meet up at a little pub in the middle of the afternoon to sit down and discuss the success of their rookie run, the #growthesport movement in Scotland, the world bronze medal win, mixed doubles growth and curling with Gina Aitken as well as many, many more interesting topics...including the infamous "shot" vs Brad Gushue in Vegas.  Bruce vs Brad....the building of a beautiful rivalry next season?  "Hi Brad" might just be the best quick line of this interview.

Sit back, hit up a patio, grab a cold beverage, enjoy the sun and join me in welcoming Scotland's Bruce Mouat to the blog family:

Bruce Mouat is quite the guy folks.  Humbled and down to Earth with honest answers but also hilarious with the jokes and laughs.  As I always say the best interviews are the ones where it is really just you and the other person having a conversation and not focusing on the recording but rather the discussion.  I found this was the exact vibe sitting down with Mouat.  "Mexico, if you are listening, come on!"

I want to thank Bruce Mouat for taking time out of his Champions Cup preparation to sit down and have a great discussion....and really get excited about the hypothetical world of him becoming World Curling Federation President for a day. ๐Ÿ˜

Welcome to the #TwineTime blog family Bruce!  Enjoy the off-season and best of luck next season and in the future.  I am confident I speak for many curling fans in saying we are excited to see what you do next after the success this season.  Also congratulations on wrapping up your undergraduate degree! ๐ŸŽ“

The player profile interviews may have come to a close for the season but the coverage has not.  #StayTuned for a few more curling-related blog posts AND a very special announcement bringing together curling and my upcoming #StrandedWaterValley participation!

<Opening Video Credit: Grand Slam of Curling produced>

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